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  1. Joshrowlands

    Report - Wagon & Horses, Stoke on Trent, February 2020

    History The earliest known record of the pub is from 1818, with the first record of the name "Waggon & Horses" from 1834. The pub was renamed Potters Lodge, before returning to its original name in 2009 when new owners bought and refurbished the venue. A local resident said it had been...
  2. TranKmasT

    Report - Fitness4Less Brierley Hill, August 2019

    I used to be a member here about ten years ago. It was called Top Notch back then. What a souless place it was. I remember lots of twenty somethings, coyly checking themselves out in the many wall to wall mirrors. Miss the sauna and steam room though. Theres the odd bit of exercise equipment...
  3. Xan_Asmodi

    Report - Super Secret Parking HQ Bolton - April 1st 2017

    So I did an derp. I won't be revealing the location or access details because I don't want it adding to the tour route. Same with the history. Kthx, bye!
  4. TranKmasT

    Report - Davro Iron & Steel Co. Ltd, Bridgnorth March 2019

    When Mookster's report of this popped up last week I thought hang on, I know exactly where this is, I'll go and have a gander. The front onto the site is all hoarded up by Hovi Luxury homes ready for demoltion. The Davro Iron and Steel Company was formed in in Lye in 1949. The company...
  5. Humpa

    Report - York Silk Mill - Leek - Dec 2018

    Visited with @raisinwing This one has been on the cards forever and after many, many, many, many years of looking, trying and failing we actually managed to get this one done. Again, Slightly pic heavy but its a mill!