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  1. Webbs0710

    Report - Burdale Tunnel, Wharram Percy, Feb 24

    I was up in North Yorkshire recently being shown a few locations, and this beauty of a tunnel was on the agenda. It's pretty standard as abandoned railway tunnels go, although it does have a very nice looking air vent, not as good as the ones in Kelmarsh and Oxendon though. The main appeal is...
  2. Tunnel Gricer

    Report - Greenside Railway Tunnel, West Yorkshire. 2022

    Greenside Tunnel - 618 Yards — G.N.R PUDSEY & LOW MOOR BRANCH — In 1882 the Great Northern Railway & Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway entered into an agreement to build a series of short connections to existing railways with a view of improving existing services through mutual running of the...
  3. Webbs0710

    Report - Silverdale Tunnel, Newcastle-under-Lyme, June 21

    Another of my very early explores, so photos are admittedly pretty poor, had two crap torches, so very difficult to light up unfortunately! My apologies :) Silverdale isn't an overly long tunnel, but with a single air shaft, and the track still down on one side, it's well worth a visit...
  4. Webbs0710

    Report - Morlais Tunnel, Pant, South Wales, 2021-22

    This hasn't been posted since 2020, and is a decent explore, so here's my take on it. I've done many a tunnel, but this one is by far my favourite, it's a great all rounder, decent length, curved, air shafts, rusted out cars, it's so photogenic, I've been back 3 times The history - The Morlais...
  5. m4dd13z666

    Report - Chipping Norton Tunnel - Chipping Norton - Oxfordshire - December 2021

    Chipping Norton Tunnel Opened: 1887 Closed: 1962 715 Yards Long Horseshoe shaped in profile the structure is entirely brick built, with a lining comprising six rings. A falling gradient to the south of about 1:100 is incorporated, together with a curve of approximately 22 chains radius through...
  6. m4dd13z666

    Report - Brunswick Tunnel & Air Raid Shelter - Harrogate - North Yorkshire - October 2021

    Brunswick Tunnel And Air Raid Shelter. The rather long winded write up: The York and North Midland Railway opened in 1839, connecting York with the Leeds and Selby Railway and in 1840 with the North Midland Railway at Normanton near Leeds. The line was largely financed by George Hudson who...
  7. m4dd13z666

    Report - Soothill Tunnel - Batley - August 2021

    Soothill (Woodkirk) Tunnel: Opened: 1890 Closed: 1953 659 Yards long. The Great Northern's 4¾ mile connection between Batley and Beeston Junction, on the Leeds branch of the East Coast Main Line, opened for goods traffic in July 1890, with passenger services introduced a month later. The...
  8. m4dd13z666

    Report - Lydgate Tunnel - Saddleworth - July 2021

    Opened : 1856 Closed : 1964 1332 Yards Long The London & North Western Railway's (LNWR's) connection between Oldham and Greenfield breached a ridge on which the small community of Lydgate is found by means of a 1,332 yard double track tunnel. The climb to the eastern portal was up a gradient of...
  9. m4dd13z666

    Report - Long Clawson (Hose/Scalford) Railway Tunnel - Leicestershire - Dec 2020

    Hose (Long Clawson/Scalford) Tunnel ° Opened: 1879 ° Closed: 1964 ° 834 Yards Long. The History : Great Northern and Midland railways secured Parliamentary approval for a new railway line from Newark to Melton Mowbray in 1872. The following year, a further section was authorised, extending...