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  1. U

    Hello from Christchurch, Dorset.

    Hello, I've been living in Christchurch for just over a year and even though I've always been into urban exploring I've only started hitting up locations in this neck of the woods over the last few days! I've currently got the Bourne Valley Culvert and the Christchurch Court house/police...
  2. Hidden History with Ray

    Exploring WW1 - WW2 Laboratories Dorest #Abandoned #Dorest

    Exploring WW1 - WW2 Laboratories Dorest #Abandoned #Dorest
  3. chidgeyb94

    Report (Permission Visit) Abandoned Tyneham Village - December 2019

    Had to visit this place whilst on my Christmas hols with the family was a true reminisce on how life used to be. this place has been abandoned since world war 2 and now lays on a Ministry of Defence Firing range which is only open to the public on weekends. unfortunately due to the season all...
  4. WhatYouAfter

    St Kenelm's Church, Wimborne, Dorset. - May 2019

    So we had a little tip off about this place, and as it was close to home we thought we would check it out! Here's a little bit of history about the place... In 1860 Sir Richard Glyn took down the old church and replaced it with what is considered to be a fairly typical estate church. Built of...