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  1. Hidden History with Ray

    Video - Abandoned St Kenelm's church Dorset #urbex #history #hidden

    Abandoned St Kenelm's church Dorset #urbex #history #hidden
  2. Hidden History with Ray

    Video - Exploring WW1 - WW2 Laboratories Dorest #Abandoned #Dorest

    Exploring WW1 - WW2 Laboratories Dorest #Abandoned #Dorest
  3. chidgeyb94

    Report (Permission Visit) Abandoned Tyneham Village - December 2019

    Had to visit this place whilst on my Christmas hols with the family was a true reminisce on how life used to be. this place has been abandoned since world war 2 and now lays on a Ministry of Defence Firing range which is only open to the public on weekends. unfortunately due to the season all...
  4. WhatYouAfter

    St Kenelm's Church, Wimborne, Dorset. - May 2019

    So we had a little tip off about this place, and as it was close to home we thought we would check it out! Here's a little bit of history about the place... In 1860 Sir Richard Glyn took down the old church and replaced it with what is considered to be a fairly typical estate church. Built of...