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drainage tunnel

  1. yunwu

    Report - Shek Pik Reservoir HKWW '66 drainage tunnel, Hong Kong, November 2019

    Hi everyone My first post here. Sorry for the bad English, I am French. This report is about the Shek Pik '66 tunnels that @siologen explored 3 years ago but didn't finish. Here is the Shek Pik Reservoir: it is said that there was a village here before, that is now under water... That will be...
  2. Urbex2p

    Report - North& south casemates

    So here it is my first visit to the north and south casemates and the Infamous pipe of terrorise arrived in Dover for sun rise and made our way to the casemates after a walk of about 45 minutes we arived at the destination and made our way through some prickly bushes and some thorns then the...