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  1. Parky

    Report - Inhospitable/The Works - 01/10/2023 - Manchester

    Inhospitable + The Works (explored with @Ojay , @MartyZero and a non-member) Inhospitable is a (as the crow flies) 1 and a half kilometer long culvert on the Moss Brook. This drain includes a peculiar feature, called The Works (you will see why its called that soon). The Explore We got to the...
  2. grimbo

    Report - Drain - Hobart and domain - August 2022

    What is the best drain in Australia? This question is deeper than you might originally think, mainly because what a "good" drain is varies from person to person. Hailing from Adelaide myself generally means anything above 2 Meters is considered good (hold your laughter please). However if...