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earnley education centre

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  1. MagixFingerz92

    Earnley Education Centre, 13/06/2018

    Earnley Education Centre ~ History ~ The Education Centre was a former boarding school in Earnley, Chichester. Built on the grounds of Earnley Place as a listed Grade II Queen Anne House. It later became an adult education centre and conference/training centre. Before closing in 2011 by the...
  2. MagixFingerz92

    Video - Earnley Education Centre, Chichester (Youtube Channel Exploration)

    Hello everyone! As you may know Earnley Education Centre has sparked new interest in the area of Chichester. I decided to take full advantage of this and take a trip with @Smidgey88 to explore it before the kids took over. And what can I say! it was much bigger and more interesting than I was...