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  1. dansgas1000

    Report - Apethorpe Pumping Station, Northamptonshire - July 2023

    Introduction Another lovely little pumping station I’ve now visited twice. Wasn’t happy with my first lot of pics due to the glaring sun so went back with @JakeV50 last month to reshoot as we were in the area. Information & History I’ve found it very difficult to pull any sort of historical...
  2. dansgas1000

    Report - Lake Farm Pumping Station, West Norfolk - June 2023

    Introduction Continuing our hunt for old pumping stations around the washes in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, me and @V50jake went to check out this and a few other sites last weekend. This is one I found on satellite imagery. It looks quite small on satellite imagery but was actually really nice...
  3. Llama

    Report - NGTE Pyestock Anechoic Facility Noise Test Chamber, Farnborough - November 2019

    "Everyone needs a good slice of Pyestock"... And I couldn't agree more! For a good few weeks, @Olkka and I had been planning something on a miniature road trip to Pyestock, and with a somewhat considerable amount of chopping and changing to our provisional dates, we finally followed through...
  4. U

    Report - Cummins Diesel Engine Factory - Shotts , Scotland

    Owned and specifically built for a corporation founded roughly 100 years ago that designs, manufactures, and distributes engines, filtration, and power generation products who also services engines and related equipment. This state of the art Diesel engine factory founded in the mid 1950’s...
  5. Netsa

    Report - RAF Greenham Common - May 2018

    Greenham common RAF was used between 1941-1992. It has Cold War bunkers and was also recently used in the filming of the Star Wars film the force awakens. Stored inside some of the tunnels were Thomas the Tank Engine and friends among old army crates which used to contain MK16 Spitfire engines...