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  1. Barneylad06

    Report - Sygun Copper Mine Equipment - Snowdonia, UK - April 2022

    History: Sygun Copper Mine is a Victorian copper mine which closed in 1903 but was renovated and reopened by the Amies family as a tourist attraction in 1986, focusing on audio-visual tours of the underground workings. It is still open to the public today. Sygun Copper Mine was once a main...
  2. A

    Clothing advice for a new explorer.

    Hi everyone! This question might be a bit weird but anyway. So i am really new to urban exploring. I have visited abandoned buildings a few times before but i am now really starting to get into the hobby. I have figured out most of the gear i need but i still wonder what kind of clothing i...
  3. E

    Question - Good equipment?

    Hey, I’m new to this and I’m looking for good equipment. Can anyone recommend things like boots, gloves, masks and bags?