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  1. dansgas1000

    Report - RAF RIvenhall, Essex - November 2023

    Introduction Me and @Wastelandr have been saying for a while we would meet up and have a revisit to RAF Rivenhall so a few weekends ago we did this and a couple of other sites. I have only covered small bits of it in the past so it was nice to spend a bit more time there. Information & HIstory...
  2. Berserker

    Report - Hamilton Lodge, Colchester - October 2023

    THE HISTORY: The care home, Hamilton Lodge, was one that catered towards people with learning disabilities, mental-related issues, and the elderly. Established in 1942 and undergoing a refurbishment along the way, Hamilton Lodge could house up to 34 people on its 18 acres of land. Selbourne...
  3. Wastelandr

    Report - State Theatre, Grays - August 2023

    So rewind over a month ago and there I am just finishing up editing the photos, ready to do a post when boom, my pc decides to spontaneously shut down instantly and fails to turn on. Brilliant! Well, 6 weeks and nearly £600 later, here I am editing the last 3 I had left! Thankfully the pc is...
  4. Wastelandr

    Report - Courtaulds Air Raid Shelters, Halstead - Sep 2022

    The History Time for a mini report here today. This set of sixteen air raid shelters in the town of Halstead, Essex, were built to serve the workers of Courtaulds Silk Factory during WW2. Courtaulds were a large silk manufacturer dating back to the 18th century, and first established the...

    Report - Former Les and Gary's Furniture Store, Westcliff - 2023

    Please Note : I uploaded this post the other day ..but due to a malfunction of sorts on this Web Page post was lost. Here is the post again. Fingers crossed this upload doesn't also get lost. 🙏🙏 ... 'Former second hand Furniture Store' : Les and Garys - I was a little late doing this...
  6. Wastelandr

    Report - Runwell Mental Hospital, Essex - Pre & Post Development 2012 - 2021

    The History This place doesn't need a whole lot of introduction, but it was perhaps the last ever purpose-built county asylum whilst never officially named so, given that such phrasing was dated by this time. The foundation stone was lain in 1934 and began taking patients in 1936 as Runwell...
  7. Wastelandr

    Report - Return to Severalls Asylum, Colchester - Sep 2022

    So I decided to take a look at what had become of the classic Severalls Asylum in Colchester, Essex earlier this year. Like many of the UK's asylums it is being converted into a luxury housing estate. Whilst some asylums have been totally demolished and others have been entirely kept, this one...

    Report - RAF RIVENHALL - ESSEX - MAY : 2022

    Big Bad Penguin (a mate who's not on 28) and myself decided to do a last minute explore, and found more structures than we had thought we would ... The RAF site, is divided into two with one side repurposed (Polish side) ..and that's taken over largely by quarry works (Northern side)... the...


    For such a long time we have been looking to prove that underground Tunnels/Shelters/Structures can exist within Shoeburyness despite the land being so close to the water table. We did ALOT of research and one day last month decided to go looking for an entrance of some kind that we believed...
  10. DE-eVOLVED

    Report (Permission Visit) Shoeburyness Police Station, Jan 2022

    ESSEX POLICE STATION & ESSEX COUNTY : FIRE & RESCUE SERVICE : STATION 42 - Shoeburyness. JAN 2022 Over the years this building has transformed from councilors office, doctors surgery, Fire & Police station. The building is currently undergoing a refurb. The work that was delayed to...
  11. W


    hello frieds, i read recently that shire hall has been empty since 2012. This is mind blowing to me as its smack bang in the center of chelmsford and i must have walked passed 1000 times...... anyone know a good way to get inside? mama wants a look.
  12. DE-eVOLVED

    Report - NORTH WEALD : REDOUBT - ESSEX - DEC 2021

    Ongar Radio Station.. North Weald Redoubt, ESSEX These were the first buildings we came to.. it served many purposes over the years.. most recently it was home to Ongar Radio Station. The site was ALOT bigger than we expected ☆☆☆ North Weald Redoubt ...
  13. DE-eVOLVED

    Report - The Eagle Club : Shoeburyness - Nov 2021

    Before, During and After : Demolition This was my first infiltration explore The original working mans club was founded in cc1920. The 0.35 acre lot situated in Shoeburyness along Seaview Road (a one way street) : which ran between West Road and Ness Road, two roads that have alot of...
  14. geography man

    Information - brantham bx plastic factory - 2021 update

    I visited the site a couple of months ago in the hopes of having a look around only to find that it has been demolished to make way for what I think is yet another housing estate. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures when I was there but it is now a pile of rubble. This was a sad to discover...
  15. T

    Report - Occidental Jetty, Canvey Island, Essex, 24th February 2012

    The History Between 1971 and 1975 Occidental Refineries Limited partially built an oil refinery on marshland at Canvey Island, Essex. The local authorities had originally refused planning permission but after appealing to the Department of the Environment, the refinery was given the go ahead...
  16. T

    Report - East Tilbury Gun Battery, Essex, 16th April 2010

    I apologise in advance for the quality of photos. I was not particularly thinking of framing, lighting etc. during this time. I will also ensure I do not get people in the shots in future reports. Often visited the Coalhouse Fort as a kid with my family and heard my Dad mention about...
  17. C

    Essex Locations?????

    Live in Chelmsford and looking for anything abandoned or interesting in Essex???
  18. S

    Question - Beacon Hill Fort Essex

    Hey everyone, I used to go exploring a lot but had a pretty bad accident and now I am recovered I want to get back out there! One of my favourite places I have explored were the tunnels underneath Beacon Hill Fort but I think I last went there about 8 years ago. Has anyone been recently? Just...
  19. DE-eVOLVED

    General - DID IT EVER EXIST IS IT STILL THERE (Smugglers run).. SS3

    I've been looking into the history of Shoeburyness, and heard the story/myth about the RED BRICK HOUSE at the end of Elm rd. The story goes that there was a tunnel that lead down from Red Brick House down to the shore and it was either used for smuggling in things, another story is that there is...
  20. UrbexSuffolk

    Report - ICI Imagedata, Brantham, Essex, October 2020, nighttime explore

    First Report here! This has already been covered many times on 28dl. However it is still a proper explore and was fun to see. It is, as said before; heavily vandalized and there is a looming feeling that demolition is near. History of this site: There is a lot of confusing history around the...