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  1. C

    General - Streethay Cottage, Lichfield

    This Cottage has definitely fell down a lot more since I visited 2 years ago.
  2. C

    Report - Streethay Cottage, Lichfield

    I went back to checkout the old Streethay cottage in Lichfield and it has definitely deteriorated since I last visited 2 years ago. Here are some pictures.
  3. BellasAbandonedAdventure

    First timers - Cornwall, Uk

    Hello everyone, My name is Mitch and I want to discover a handful of abandoned places within Cornwall with my daughter Bella; she is 6. if anyone has any tips, advise of where to start (we are north Cornwall and willing to travel) or of anyone has any meets or wants company for a future trip we...
  4. Missblackandgrey

    New freinds to go explore with

    not sure how this works so
  5. Sach.explores

    Report - Stratheden Hospital, Fife - April 2019

    Stratheden hospital and Kinross district asylum Some history:- Stratheden Hospital, or Fife and Kinross District Asylum as it was first known, opened on July 1st 1866. Purpose built to accommodate up to 200 mental health patients, the initial patient roster was 159. The first chief...