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Happy 420 Everyone, time to light up.

In this explore we head into an abandoned grow op mansion, located in Ontario Canada. Inside this massive house we find endless grow rooms and even marijuana left behind.
Come and join us in this unbelievable adventure just in time for 420.
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Grow room #1





28DL Regular User
Regular User
Double that no. This isn't a proper report...just a sales pitch for your YouTube channel. Four pics and a few lines about the place is not a report.


off the wall
Regular User

Lol... i watched and read, then read the comments and in no other time has the word "No" literally made me spit my brew out in laughter...... so thanks @Gorgi , you owe me a new keyboard ;-)

RE the thread, I really think its not good enough to be honest.. I mean Im all for the "well done on getting out there" brigade, but i must have wandered into dozens of sites like that in the past year and it never crossed my mind to post a "video" of it.. let alone post it on here.