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  1. X

    Report - Meadowbrook school, Bracknell - November 2020

    Me and my partner headed down to the school which we found online it was pretty trashes but nice to see a school really enjoyed this one and hope to find more Bit of a history here The Montessori Method of Education is a child-centred educational approach based on the scientific observations...
  2. Jake Alan Craig

    Video Report - Kidderminster Magistrates Court

    So, here's another one. Kidderminster Court is probably the most popular abandoned building in the whole of Kidderminster. I've been in this place more times than I can remember, I dont know any history on this place but it was a good place to wander around. If you do you to this place, please...
  3. Jake Alan Craig

    Longlands School - Stourbridge - May 2017/September 2017

    Welcome back, so this is Longlands school in Stourbridge. This is the 2nd place that I've explored. Again I don't know a lot of the history and didn't take many pictures. the history that I do know about this place it that it was used as an all girls school which opened in 1912 and closed in...