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  1. YelYahShay


    Hello everyone, This my first post so I thought I would post a couple of photos of Pincet lodge farmhouse. I do not know any history around this farmhouse but it looks like it has been abandoned for a while now, unfortunately there is a bit of vandalism but its still worth a visit! These are...
  2. BakesFinds

    Abandoned Farm with outbuildings Desborough

    Bored on Sunday though I would go for a walk and check out the farm as hadn't been for about a year. The original part of the farm has some age as on the farm house it has 1865 on the building, the out buildings are newer probably used for animals or plant nursery. Never been able to find out...
  3. Megan93

    Report - Untouched Farm house Cornwall Moors

    Sorry for rubbish photos going back here next week for more! One of my favourite places, always get such a lovely vibe of this place. It’s a decent sized farm house, with upstairs and down. It still has a water supply outside of the house that works. It’s literally untouched inside with bed...
  4. EmmaUrbEx

    Report - Farmhouse - Brook Lane, Alderley Edge - August 2018

    I cannot find any info about this place at all, sorry folks.....but here's the pics.....
  5. eddsup

    Report - Abandoned Farmhouse/Outbuildings near Tavistock, Devon, June 2018

    Came across this one today by accident. It’s the second one I’ve found recently just by driving (for work), and also same old metal pre fab style farmhouse. No history with this I’m afraid. Found no clues inside or any paperwork. Main house was sadly empty just a few pieces of furniture and...
  6. eddsup

    Report - Abandoned Orchard Farm House near Okehampton, Devon.

    While driving I saw an old entrance that peaked my interest. Looked on google maps and could see some small buildings so went and had a look. So no history with this one. Sign and name on gate was ‘Orchard’ a common surname round here but large family that own a lot of land, farms, buildings...
  7. Dandelionhands

    Report - Beeby Farm House, Leicestershire May 2018

    Hey so this is my first report on here! I’ve been exploring abandoned places for a while and came across this place on here but it took some finding as the address was nowhere to be found. We drove around the village and found it eventually. There has been a lot of damage to the house including...