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  1. Wastelandr

    Report - Minley Manor Home Farm - January 2020 - October 2021

    The History Another one that isn't hard to find out about already, but lest we forget the past. This cracking bit of Edwardian architecture from my understanding represents an attempt to contain a farmstead as a 'model farm'; that is the farmhouse, stables, and other various functions of a...
  2. RandomPanicPanda

    Report - Old Parkbury - St Albans - July 2021

    HISTORY There wasn’t much I could find online unfortunately, it’s been a Grade II listed building since 1971. ~Farmhouse. C15-16. Early-mid C19 casing. Timber frame. Yellow stock brick front. Plain tile hipped roof. 2 storeys. 5 recessed sash windows, those of left and right centre blank...
  3. Samus


    I had wanted to visit this site for a long time, I had previously gone there but at the time, I couldn't see a way to get in that wouldn't perhaps pose a risk to myself & as I was solo, I put a pin in it for another day. This time however I had company and it was on! Surrounded by woodland...
  4. userleename

    General - Staffordshire Farmhouse

    First post on here but I explored this abandoned farmhouse on Sunday with my partner & my best friend. Initially tried to get into St George’s asylum in Stafford however, we were unsuccessful so ventured here instead. Little abandoned farmhouse near Gnosall
  5. Ordinary-Walrus776

    Report - Tranno Farm, Breage, Cornwall - October 2020

    A early-mid 19th Century Grade II Listed Building that's located quite literally in the middle of farmland; There's no roads or lanes leading to this house - just a muddy farm track. No one has lived in this house for approx. 30 years and the last known tenants to have lived here were Samuel...
  6. callumawhitehead

    Report - Malthouse, Maidstone - July 2020

    Hello all! This is my first post but have been actively exploring for a year or two now. The Malthouse in Maidstone, Kent, has a few posts from 2019 so if you’d like to know some more and what it looked like inside I’d advise viewing those reports. The last report I read had explained the...
  7. T

    Report - Rural country house Surrey, England July 2020

    On Friday 3rd July 2020, I set off cycling from my home in South London to Brighton. The only thing on my mind was completing the 55 mile ride within 5 - 6 hours. At around 26 miles in, way out in the surrey country side on a road, I pulled into a clearing to consult my map. The clearing lead to...
  8. cnhughes0

    Report - The Davies family Abandoned Farm Houses - February 2020

    Stumbled across these abandoned terraced houses whilst out on a walk not so long ago. There's not much history to be found about the place but from what I have found out from history forums and speaking to an elderly gentlemen whilst walking back down the mountain, these houses belonged to the...
  9. Yoshimitsu93

    Report - Abandoned Farmhouse - Worcestershire - Feb 2020

    Still going through the various photos I have stored away on my laptop.. so I may as well make a post out of this location. @Narg1992 and myself stumbled across this building back in February while driving through Romsley! Although it was easily accessible at the time, workmen had already...
  10. ForgottenBuildings

    Report - Farmhouse Queen - Netherlands - February 2020

    History: The history or just information of this place is very scarce on the internet. But while exploring we found a couple of clues referring to the past of what happend. The first one was a ID of a man. The man was born in 1921, so what we could assume is that he isn't around anymore. After...
  11. Five.Claws

    Report - Quebec Farmhouse, Norfolk - Late 2016

    With the down-time going on I thought I'd use the opportunity to look through some old reports and photos; unfortunately there's not much I've got which is worth posting that I haven't already. However, I did notice that my original report (my first on 28DL) on this location seems to have...
  12. BakesFinds

    Abandoned Farm with outbuildings Desborough

    Bored on Sunday though I would go for a walk and check out the farm as hadn't been for about a year. The original part of the farm has some age as on the farm house it has 1865 on the building, the out buildings are newer probably used for animals or plant nursery. Never been able to find out...
  13. EmmaUrbEx

    Report - Farmhouse - Brook Lane, Alderley Edge - August 2018

    I cannot find any info about this place at all, sorry folks.....but here's the pics.....
  14. eddsup

    Report - Abandoned Farmhouse/Outbuildings near Tavistock, Devon, June 2018

    Came across this one today by accident. It’s the second one I’ve found recently just by driving (for work), and also same old metal pre fab style farmhouse. No history with this I’m afraid. Found no clues inside or any paperwork. Main house was sadly empty just a few pieces of furniture and...
  15. eddsup

    Report - Abandoned Orchard Farm House near Okehampton, Devon.

    While driving I saw an old entrance that peaked my interest. Looked on google maps and could see some small buildings so went and had a look. So no history with this one. Sign and name on gate was ‘Orchard’ a common surname round here but large family that own a lot of land, farms, buildings...