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  1. smithy_photographys

    General - The Lord Line building - Hull - March 2023 - AS

    This is my first post after exloring for 18 moths i have a great collection of photography from these places. The Lord Line building opened in 1949 and was at the heart of Hull’s fishing industry. Sadly up to the 1980’s, 6000 fishermen lost their lives at the hands of the sea. The Lord Line...
  2. dansgas1000

    Report - Lord Line Buildings & St Andrew's Dock, Hull - April 2023

    Introduction So this is a bit of a strange one, I added this pin years ago and was one of my first finds more than a 50-mile radius from where I live, it’s one that I’ve always wanted to do even though it’s not the most exciting place. Anyway, despite being quite a few years late to the party me...