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  1. TalkingMask

    Report - Eva Brothers/Crabtree Forge Feb-May 2022

    I don’t know the history all I know it was a forge that specialised in vehicle wings and radiators, and that it was a nice apocalypse place if you’re into apocalypse games, especially it’s smelting hall. Was a cool place if you’re an adrenaline junkie who likes climbing too Externals Road...
  2. TheBackpackExplorer


    The History... By the River Douglas, Brock Mill first began operation in the mid-1700s & was purchased by the The Earl of Balcarres including the Foundry half a mile down stream. In 1815 due to poor business the blast furnaces were retired but the company found success in building Fire engines...
  3. MK83

    Report - Eva Brothers/Crabtree Forge - Clayton, Manchester - April 21

    History - Established in 1898 Eva Brothers Ltd was a traditional Forge specialising in the forging of stainless steel, nickel and other alloys. Their Manchester base was known as Crabtree Forge, and was one of the last traditional forge works to remain in the area. The piston con-rods for the...