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  1. Pixieexplores

    First explore to France

    Hello everyone! mum hoping to plan a little trip to France over the next month and Ive been looking on maps to see if I can find any potential locations to scout out. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? I’ve not explored France before. if anyone has any suggestions of pins I would also...
  2. J

    Report - France - Château de la Solitude - August 2020

    Presentation : The Château de la Solitude, or Castle of Loneliness, is located in the Hauts de Seine department in France. Surrounded by its own very enjoyable small woods, it now belongs to the city state and its facade is visible to everyone, even though it is surrounded by high fences. The...
  3. HorribleJellyfish

    Report - Maison d'arrêt de Meaux - France - December 2019

    This is going to be my first ever report so hopefully this will go well. I apologize in advance for the poor pictures, I did not take my camera, so I had to take snaps with my phone. Last Sunday after attending a family wedding away from Paris, I made my way back home with the intention of...
  4. A

    Report - CFA Rouen, June 2019

    I discovered this building a few months ago whilst visiting the nearby train graveyard, but at that time it was sealed shut. As I was passing by again last week, I thought I'd give it another look.. and we got in. It's full name was the Centre de Formation d'Apprentis which was a type of...
  5. J

    General - Toulouse Ile duRamier Restaurant Mar 19

    Travelled to this place with little hope of seeing anything but was surprised with the easy access and sheer size of the building. Located near the centre next to residential buildings, it seems to have been a catering building for the nearby University. Signs warn of a stray dog at ground...
  6. cathmxo

    Report - Chateau Des Passions - France - October 2018

    - First Report - Explored this on a long weekend away to France, unfortunately I have looked high and low and still been unable to find any information on this chateau. Such a beautiful property pretty much untouched, we can only pray it stays that way. Thanks for reading :)