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Report - CFA Rouen, June 2019

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I discovered this building a few months ago whilst visiting the nearby train graveyard, but at that time it was sealed shut.

As I was passing by again last week, I thought I'd give it another look.. and we got in.

It's full name was the Centre de Formation d'Apprentis which was a type of technical college specializing in bakery, pastry, butcher, deli-caterer, hairdresser, kitchen, florist, room service and sales sectors. There were around 30 teachers and 380 students.

My personal highlights were the staircases.

CFA Rouen_04.jpg

CFA Rouen_03.jpg

CFA Rouen_06.jpg

CFA Rouen_12.jpg

CFA Rouen_17.jpg

CFA Rouen_25.jpg

CFA Rouen_27.jpg

CFA Rouen_34.jpg

CFA Rouen_38.jpg

A very creepy painting :-)

CFA Rouen_52.jpg

CFA Rouen_59.jpg

CFA Rouen_66.jpg

HDR CFA Rouen_07-09.jpg

HDR CFA Rouen_29-33.jpg