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  1. tezo

    Report - Dunston Hill Hospital, Gateshead - April 2020

    THE EXPLORE After sooo many attempts to try and get into this place I finally found a way in after looking around the whole site for a way in I finally got my chance (not via the roof lol) had a good hour or so exploring.. it's well trashed but other than that was a good night explore.
  2. Klezzic

    Report - Abandoned Nightclub!

    If you’re from or around Newcastle an interesting spot to try could be the burnt down nightclub just up from the Millennium Bridge (newcastle side) its impossible to miss! Huge white building with exposed roofing pillars (obviously burnt) However getting in may require some physical finesse or...
  3. S

    Report - Greenesfield Works (ochre yards) gateshead

    Me and my friend decided to do some exploring in the general Newcastle/ Gateshead area and we found this abandoned factory on the Gateshead side of the river to the right of the Hilton hotel. I did some research into it and found out that it used to be a factory for locomotive engines until 1910...
  4. Provingdemons

    Report - Blaydon ciu, Gateshead, April 2018

    Was on a trip upto Scotland, while stopped at a red light I noticed this abandoned club to my left so I had to see if I could explore it. Sure enough I found an entrance and was happy to take some snaps for a report! Honestly I don't know a thing about this place, but it had some cool pieces...