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  1. Parky

    Report - St00p Sc00p S00p (FINALE) - Sheffield - 29/06/23

    St00p Sc00p S00p. The Final Visit. To be fair with ya, Ive got abit of a soft spot for this culvert... As hard as it is, and how many times Ive got soaked, injured or both, I still find myself wanting to come back, only being beaten by the stoop and horrible soop water... Today I wanted to visit...
  2. grimbo

    Report - Drain - Hobart and domain - August 2022

    What is the best drain in Australia? This question is deeper than you might originally think, mainly because what a "good" drain is varies from person to person. Hailing from Adelaide myself generally means anything above 2 Meters is considered good (hold your laughter please). However if...
  3. Mr Budge

    Flushed Away Macclesfield - October 2022

    A concrete box type storm drain diverting the high rise of water from the River Bollin passing through a CSO, The main chamber is around 80 ft long with the sewage in fall around a metre and a half in diameter, There are two storm guard overflow screens fitted each side to deter any 'Floatables'...
  4. A

    General - Tunnels

    I’m not new to exploring at all. In facts I’ve been exploring since I was about 15 years old, I am now 18. I used to walk for miles with my friends to try to find old houses. Now our new favorite thing is drains. This is one of the photos I have captured and I have many more to share with everyone.
  5. chills

    Report - Markeaton Interceptor AKA Flo Selecta, Derby, February 2019

    History: The Markeaton Brook is an 11-mile-long (17 km) tributary of the River Derwent in Derbyshire, England. The brook rises from its source south of Hulland Ward, and flows for most of its length through the countryside north-west of Derby before entering a culvert to the north of the city...