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  1. Megerj

    Looking to explore with someone

    Hey - been looking at urban/urbex exploring for while. I’m a total newbie, I’m based in Manchester and can drive. anyone looking for a new partner ? Lol
  2. Wayne The Bearded Explore

    YouTube Explorer

    Hi everyone, new to this site and would love to hear storys or places to go in the norfolk area im from Kings Lynn, love the beauty of abandomed places and haunted place.
  3. Wayne The Bearded Explore

    Norfolk abandom and explore

    Evening everyone, Im new to this site i want to explore abandomed places or even haunted areas for mybYiutube channel, I was hoping someone could let me know the best places i can safely visit. currenylybliving in Kings Lynn. Thank you.
  4. A

    Report - Photos - Westbury House October 2020

    Hi guys, first time poster! I just recently started with exploring as lockdown was getting a bit much! My best friend and I went to Westbury House near Petersfield yesterday and I was honestly amazed with its good condition and the amount of items there compared to other places! Surprisingly...
  5. O

    Question - NEWQUAY SPOTS 2020

    Hey everyone, Me and my partner are visiting Newquay (TR7) this following weekend for a few days and given it's such a beautiful area wondered if there were any current derelict sites to explore nearby? I've looked over the posts on here but the only recent threads are relating to one...
  6. A

    Looking for fellow explorers to collaborate with

    Hello guys please be nice lol I’ve been exploring since 2018 I’ve done some cool places but I’m looking for new people to explore with yes I am what you call a YouTube goon but I do love photography and documented old abandoned places of course I’d prefer if you also do filming and of course...
  7. D

    New to this - Cheshire

    I’ve been looking for a website like this for some time and I’ve finally discovered this one. Does anybody know any abandoned places in or not too far (45 minute drive ish) from Cheshire?
  8. K


    Hiya my name is Kayleigh I’m 19 years old. I have been into urban exploring since I was 14.. I’ve been to a few locations such as hellingly Lunatic Asylum, Horsebridge mill, nan tucks lane, st Anne’s school and the Denton tunnels! I was wondering if anyone knows anymore locations I could visit...
  9. MamasExploring

    Question - Leads in reading, Oxfordshire and berkshire area

    New to urbexploring does anyone have any leads in berkshire, we checked out a place last night but it was heavily secured so we're looking for more! Going to take a go pro with us and see what we can find and any tips more into exploring indoors abandoned places that look spooky haha but...
  10. FavouriteWorstNightmare

    St Nicholas Church, Canewdon. Feb 2019

    This place has always been an interest to me because of the amount of history and urban legends floating around. The Church gates are open during the day but locked over night as it is a popular place to go to try and get spooked and explore (I too did this as a kid). The church gates also...
  11. Kanekichi

    Video Report - P.O.W South Lane Widnes Military Structure. (Possibly Haunted)

    Just a video of me and my mate's exploration of an old building that has been left to rot for many years now. It's sad that buildings with such history behind it. And has come to be nearly destroyed. Here's an ex POW camp, and is located on South Lane, Bold, Barrows Green, Widnes. It comprise...