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Video Report - P.O.W South Lane Widnes Military Structure. (Possibly Haunted)


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Just a video of me and my mate's exploration of an old building that has been left to rot for many years now. It's sad that buildings with such history behind it. And has come to be nearly destroyed.

Here's an ex POW camp, and is located on South Lane, Bold, Barrows Green, Widnes.
It comprise of a large warehouse with 2 floors and located behind are the Anti Aircraft Batteries.
The AA Battery was used to attack the Luftwaffe over Burtonwood Airbase and Liverpool Docks during the Liverpool and Manchester 'Blitz'. It was home to six 3.7" guns, stores and radio room. A POW camp was built before this then the AA Battery; this is so the Luftwaffe would not bomb their own people. The tower, thought to be a water tower at the front of the site was a Gun and Search Light placement to look over the former POW camp. (Taken from an old thread)

Although that thread was from 2009 to 2012, the building is still standing now, but barely, and standing on the second floor is really dangerous, I nearly fell through one of the holes. And it's overgrown that much that you can't get through to the bunkers if you want to go through nettles and bushes.


Taken in 6/27/2018


Taken between 2009 or 2012.


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quite a good update for anyone interested in the current state of the place :thumb
Much better than I expected when I saw the stupid title.....(possibly Haunted)......yawn!!

You should drop that from the title - also you need to include a month and year as per forum rules :thumb


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Nice video - The POW camp was sadly demolished near enough straight away. the warehouse that remains is an old battery hen farm building.

I'd really like to document the condition of the AA hardstandings but at this time of year with the overgrowth its near enough impossible.


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The PoW camp utilsed the domestic site that had been built for the HAA battery, including the water tower (which still remains). Like most of the batteries in that area it was redundant before completion (the two early emplacements had guns, the later four were never fitted). The camp was used for low risk Italian prisoners
The wooden hutting was sold off and at least one was still in use fairly recently by St Marys Scouts in Sankey.

35 years ago the HAA battery was in quite good condition with most of the woodwork and windows still intact on the control room. One of the later emplacements and the area around it flattened ready for a second farm building to be built. I don't think that second one was built.

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