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  1. m4dd13z666

    Report - Peel Street Air Raid / Rouses Sand Mine - Nottingham - January 2022.

    The History: Rouse's Sandmine off Mansfield Road was created between around 1780 and 1810 and has many fascinating original features created by James Rouse, as well as its later uses as a Victorian and early 20th century tourist attraction, and Second World War air raid shelter. Nicknamed the...
  2. m4dd13z666

    Report - Withcall Tunnel - Lincolnshire - December 2021

    The history : Opened 1876 Closed 1956 971 yards long. Work on Withcall Tunnel got underway in January 1852 with the driving of a 10 foot heading through sandstone and chalk. The Louth & Lincoln Railway’s original plan was for a bore of 803 yards but this was extended to 971 yards when a...
  3. A

    Abandoned villa in Visegrád, Hungary

    This beautiful but abandoned villa rests on the Várkert fields of Visegrád in Hungary. The 125-year-old Latinovits Villa‘s site has a two-thousand-year-long history with a Roman settlement, orthodox-Christian monastery, gothic church, and children’s holiday resort during the communist era...
  4. elizab2th

    Salford Crescent Police Headquarters, Salford - July 2021

    Constructed by Bradshaw, Gass and Hope in the 1950's stands the historic Salford Police station on the Crescent. It was once the headquarters of Salford City Police and C.I.D division and later turned into Greater Manchester Police Salford Division. With its sad and permanent closure in 2008...
  5. K

    Report - Bristol Mill, Galashiels, May2021

    Bristol Mill on the North Eastern end of Galashiels, Scotland, was a wool mill first built in 1885. Throughout the 20th century the mill changed owners but always used for wool and yarn until it finally closed in 1998. Tweed wool was a huge industry for the area and so really helped to generate...

    Video - Melbourne ROC post

    Melbourne Royal Observer Corps Bunker I live within a stone's throw of this place and didn't know it was here!! Many of these ROC bunkers still exist but some have been filled in, or capped off by land owners that inherited the bunkers after they were decommissioned ( approx 1990 / 1991 )...
  7. Hidinginplanesite

    Report - Harty road Air-Raid shelter - Sheppey April 2021

    I don’t know where to really put this report for 2 reason 1) it’s technically public as it on a walking route 2) I only have a few pictures anyways I’ll crack on .. sheppey is only 30 mins drive from me just basically the other end of the ME postcode so still fairly local to me .. I epxlored...
  8. DTFreedom

    Report - Ogre Heating Plant - Ogre, Latvia - October 2020

    Once upon a time during the year 1965, a big factory was built, at that time one of the largest buildings by footprint in the world. People moved from all across the country to work in this factory, but they needed a place to stay so Mālkalne was built - the first neighbourhood of what would...
  9. Satan_Seeker666

    My first adventure (Bradgate house stables Leicester Dec 2020)

    So it’s my first time joining a group and I only really decided to start exploring more after finding some places while geocaching! I wanted to find somewhere in Leicester so started looking online and found this group. I saw someone talking about this place so I did some research, battled with...
  10. Laurenlucy123


    What a great find this was. Construction of the tunnel began in 1898 on Draycott tunnel and it opened in January 1909. During its use the tunnel was prone to collapsing and attempts were made to strengthen the tunnel using steel hoops . The section of line between the north portal of the tunnel...
  11. Discoverdecayuk

    Report - Millennium Mills (aka Spillers limited)--Royal Victoria dock--12.06.20//10.10.20

    DEBUT MINI REPORT BY "DISCOVERDECAYUK" INTRODUCTION: Discoverdecayuk is the name of an urbex group created this year by myself and my two best friends. We share a love for urban history, exploring of abandoned places sites and locations across London and potentially Europe. Here is my first...
  12. Urbexy

    Information - Virtual ROC Post

    This is a short animation I created to show how an ROC post would have operated had the unthinkable happened. Thankfully it never did!
  13. Llama

    Report - Langdon Hole Communications Bunker & Deep Shelter, Dover - November 2019

    A location that's been somewhat done to death, but hey ho, here's yet ANOTHER report on it, enjoy! After a considerably tiresome day in Dover, myself and @TheFerret decided to make one last pit stop at what was once our favourite photography spot...good old Langdon Hole ;)) So, we made our way...
  14. Rammy99

    St. Peter’s orphanage 12/09/19

    Please bare with me this is my first exploration upload on here apologies for the photo quality was about half 1 in the morning and only had my phone when driving past it. This has to be one of the most eerie explores I’ve done granted doing it at half one in the morning probably added more to...
  15. BravodierIII

    Report - RAF Colerne - Wiltshire - May 2018

    Well here I am, crawling out from under the rock I have resided for the past however long. What started off as a 'Man, I need a new profile picture for Facebook' turned into a nostalgia filled mini explore that made me feel like writing a report. It's funny, I grew up next to the hangars in...
  16. TheUrbexHub

    Video - Pen-Y-Bont Court Care Home

    Hopefully this won't be regarded as one of the poor quality videos that are apparently too common on this forum and I hope you guys get some sort of kick out of this old care home thats filled to the brim with old furniture, belongings, memories and history! Not much is known about this old...