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  1. Korbanter

    Report - Houghton Poultry Research Station, 2019

    Normally I only really post places once they're gone but I'd though I'd post this one now. Houghton Poultry Research Station can be called one of those "Old School" explores, since it had fully closed almost 30 years ago. The site itself was operated by the pilbright institute until it's...
  2. KPUrbex

    Government Animal Testing Station, Houghton Grange, Cambs, March 2018.

    When I started Urban Exploring almost 2 to 3 years ago this was the first ever site I ventured inside. This site was also one of the reasons I met someone who would become the person I'd explore with from then on. Anyway, enough personal stuff and now to the actual site. The site closed in 1992...