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Government Animal Testing Station, Houghton Grange, Cambs, March 2018.


When I started Urban Exploring almost 2 to 3 years ago this was the first ever site I ventured inside. This site was also one of the reasons I met someone who would become the person I'd explore with from then on. Anyway, enough personal stuff and now to the actual site.
The site closed in 1992 to 1994, I am unsure when exactly when. The reasons for closure had been due to financial issues and the fact the site was no longer efficient as there was an alternate site, in surrey, and most research the site was built for had been finished, canceled making it was redundant. The facility tested on poultry, chickens, in bio-research for farm animal diseases. The facility contains an incubator room and a gas chamber suggesting that the scientists tested on eggs and the animals themselves. Before the area became an animal testing station the main manor house (Grange) was the only standing building, when the site was converted two 1960's style labs were construed on the manor as well as many other buildings. There was also another site which closed a few years before which was much smaller and stands only 100meters away from the main site. Unfortunately demolition has been conformed for mid April 2018, at least for the smaller site. Being one of the first buildings I explored I felt it was worth a revisit...

I'll post my older photos after these recent photos. Let's go.

Starting off to the most Western area of the site we come across these large buildings all repeated the same. Unsure of their former use I assume they may have been smaller labs or offices.

I eventually found one building with a borad that had rotted away. I had to use a torch, this is the main hallway. It appears nature has taken hold of these buildings.

I though there would have been a hole in the roof with this amount of light spilling across the building. Turns out it was a laboratory window. Although, strangely looks like a prison cell.

Next Building.

Nothing special, just one of the courtyards where chicken are stored in cages in the rooms to either side.

Unfortunately most buildings have been boarded up or sealed. so there was not much on the "main" site.

I decided to move the smaller site as these buildings were clearly accessible.

Due to emergency stairs being cut off I had to climb to this laboratory. The first room was formed of 3 small offices presumably for smaller, cell based, research.

Down stairs was the layout with more rooms. Although there were also 2 "wings" which looked as if animals wound have been stored within. Unfortunately I deleted these photos by mistake...
Shortly after taking this i saw security running through the trees with his orange HighVis, I did what any reasonable person would do and, I ran for it.

Several days later I revisited the site and gained access to the courtyard that contained the incubator rooms.

Unfortunately it appears there has been a large amount of "tagging" or graffiti on site since I last visited.

That's all the most recent photos and perhaps the last of this mysterious site. I will post some of my older photos below from around 2016 and early 2017. These older photos were taken with an absolutely rubbish iPhone 5c.

The top 3 photos are of the building know as Wing 5 or LabX to most explorers.


These next photos are from within the two wings built off the grange manor.

Safety first?
The alarm went off whilst I took this. Totally Professional.
These last photos are from elsewhere in the site.
That was an unusual find...
Up on the water tower.
A bit too blurry.
This was unusual...

Anyway. Thanks for looking. This site has its days numbered, security is tight and few buildings are accessible. This site has many memories and unfortunately all will be gone without a trace.
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