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  1. OhMyDais

    Report - Abandoned Farm House - Kidderminster - September 2021

    There’s not much history to this location, it was once lived in by an unknown family and is surrounded by still used farming land, which suggests it was a house for farming staff or even family. It’s off the A449, Torton. I have lived in Kidderminster all 18 years of my life and I can always...
  2. S

    Report - Abandoned House, Blackburn - July 2021

    History So not much history that I know of on this one, definitely abandoned and it seems someone may have stolen all the slate off the roof. The Explore This slight explore was a pretty spur of the moment explore while trying to waste a bit of time. Spotted it from the side of the road...
  3. kvtie9

    Report - Mona Lisa house, Hampshire. June 2021

    I don’t have much information on this place, the owner who lived here was in the navy and died over 10 years ago. This place seems to be getting tour bused a lot at the moment! This place was so cramped and small, amazing place though. instagram @kvtie9
  4. theurbexcouple

    Report - Northdene House(Revisit), London, Jan 2021

    Explore: We explored Northdene a while ago as we put it on our 1st post for our visit there on here but decided to go back not long ago to grab some more decent pics with our new DSLR camera we brought and the pictures speak for itself how better the quality is, cant say no more on that :D Our...
  5. theurbexcouple

    Report - Northdene House, London, Jan 8th 2021

    Explore: Hey guys Holly and John here, hope you all enjoyed your Xmas and New Years celebrations. Me and my fiancé John found this amazing property late last night. So, of course we had to have a nose around and see what the property entailed. When we got inside it was very eerie for sure, what...
  6. 7

    Farm near Blackpool

    History This farm goes back to the 1880’s but was most recently inhabited by Thomas and Mary Cowell. The farm was working up until 2013 when Thomas unfortunately passed away. The house had always been in Mary’s family and she sadly passed away in 2017. There isn’t much information on what’s...
  7. Laurenlucy123


    HISTORY The abandoned artists house Some backstory to this place, quite a sad story. The owner of this property was a research physicist working for the Central Electricity Generating board and the National Nuclear Corporation for more than 31 years. In 1991, when he was 58 he went back to...
  8. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Abandoned House - Isle of Portland - Septemeber 2018

    Whilst spending a week down at the Jurassic Coast me and my friend decided to drive out to the isle of Portland. We were not expecting to find anything abandoned however stumbled across this small house that seemed to be more vine then brick. Surprisingly I remember questioning whether it was...
  9. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Farm House - Cambridgeshire - June 2018

    Two farm houses with sheltered storage buildings located in the village of Thorney which I believe are the least structurally sound buildings that I have been in and an old beat up landrover discovery. It has since been demolished so no longer exists but was on the edge of the village and access...
  10. kvtie9

    Report - Music house, Suffolk. August 2020

    Maybe I should stop going to places where I don’t have history? pretty sure this was a family home but also a music school house at the same time as what I gathered when looking around the house. Very cool stuff in this house!! Explore was fairly easy. Had to climb through some nasty bushes but...
  11. kvtie9

    Report - Painters/Artist house, Suffolk. August 2020

    Yet again another house that I don’t have information on the place. All I know is the person who lived in the house I’m guessing it’s a bloke possibly had dementia or just bad memory as there’s notes all over the house telling him stuff. So sad to see. The explore was umm okay, neighbours have...
  12. kvtie9

    Report - Violets house, Suffolk. August 2020

    The problem with exploring houses is you can never find any history on the place which I hate and love at the same time as id love to know what happened so unfortunately no information on this place but if I do find out some I will be sure to update this post or I’m sure someone on here has been...
  13. Toriii

    Report - Newquay house 28/07/2020

    Came across this lovely abandoned house, great to see lots of over grown parts. Not very stable looking on the outside but inside was a little better, may have been flats at one point just due to some signs in the building. Great to look around the BMW has been there for many years atleast 8...
  14. kvtie9

    Report - Station house, Oswestry. July 2020

    Visited the station house, meh was alright. I’m more of a untouched house but had to go while passing obviously. History: stolen from @grindle Post. Check their photos. The station stands on the line which opened as the Shrewsbury and Chester Railway in October 1848. The Shrewsbury and...
  15. Nick1979

    Report - Derelict house - Mitchell - Cornwall 19/07/2020

    Stumbled across this gem in Cornwall a few weeks ago. Came back to have a better look, definitely worth it, couldn’t find out any history or so on.
  16. Willblaq

    Report - some from Camelot old amusement place and a random house on route

    So me and my frIend visited Camelot a few days ago seeing as we used to go as children it was so very weird going round it so derelict and no people around. There was a security in a hut but we didn’t go near it and we aren’t ever loud so we didn’t disturb anybody. Such a bizarre but cool...
  17. B

    Report - The Cottage, South Wales

    Hi everyone, This is my first post in here, I have done a few explores but not taken many photos, but thought I would post some on here :) I'm from South Wales / Forest Of Dean area. Couldn't gain access to the location but still an interesting explore with two vehicles (I only pictured one)...
  18. kvtie9

    General - Ivy house, Cheshire, June 2020.

    Don’t really have any information on this place, was given it last minute while I was up in Cheshire so just popped along. I’ll try and get some information and post it :) thanks and enjoy!
  19. Rusty shell urbex

    Report - Village farm - mid wales 11/08/19

    village farm - mid wales
  20. Webb7 Photography

    Report - Hillcrest, February 2020 - Lancashire

    Another derpy house yet again. I feel like the vehicles here were better than the contents of the house. In regards to history there is not a lot to go by. There was a newspaper dated 2015 in the property but looking from an image from street view in 2009 the property still seems overgrown minus...