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  1. Justakingphotoz

    Report - ICI Plant Protection Offices - Fernhurst 2019

    Visited here twice within the space of two weeks last year. One reasonably cloudy day and one with strong sunlight. Over those two weeks activity must have been high as there were some visible changes to the building such as new graffiti, as seen with the 'lost' photo Photos taken on Pentax K20D
  2. mak47

    Report - ICI Ardeer - August 2019

    Alfred Nobel and Charles Randolph founded British Dynamite Co Ltd in 1871. The factory was initially set up to make dynamite but later made several types of hazardous goods. The factory was later named Nobel's Explosives Limited and then ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries) ltd. Today, the factory...
  3. David Connor

    Report - Ardeer ICI bomb shelters and surrounding areas.

    Once the site of a major ICI chemical works, Ardeer lies at the head of the Ardeer peninsula, now part of Stevenston, North Ayrshire, and was a dominant global supplier of explosives to the mining and quarrying industries and a major player in the design and development of products for the...