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  1. Webbs0710

    Report - Bawtry Carbon, Austerfield, Apr 24

    After hearing about this place closing, I decided to meet a friend and head up towards Doncaster after the Drain Meet to give this a try. We were very surprised to find the site a hub of activity upon our arrival, turns out there's demolition work occurring on-site, rather strange to be...
  2. fastchrisuk

    Report - Hoffmann Lime Kiln - Ilkeston, Derbyshire - July 2022

    I'm not a fan of Google but one thing they do well is Maps. Scouting around Ilkeston in Google Maps revealed an unusual pill shaped building in the middle of a wooded area in Ilkeston. Further investigation made it irresistable to go take a look. I'm built for comfort and not as slender as...
  3. DeadintheGrave

    Report - Fairfield Industrial Park - Pelaw May/August 2023 Pt 2

    Part 2 of my previous report After spending about an hour or so exploring this goldmine warehouse of tools, clothing, chemicals and other random bs me and Piko finally decide to head out and explore the rest of the site. Unfortunately there wasn't any other accessible buildings but we did get...
  4. snoided

    Report - Cocking Lime Works, West Sussex - June 2022

    Cocking Lime Works and Quarry, Cocking, West Sussex - June 2022 Nice and easy explore this one (assuming you take a look at a map rather than brazenly striding away from the path as we did), with a pleasant selection of cable elevators in the chalk and the main crusher/kilns also relatively...
  5. Nyrian

    Report - Springside Paper Mill Complex - Belmont - Jul 2021 & Aug 2022

    History: Originally belonging to John Livesey who had previously run paper mills at Prestolee & Springfield. Paper was made continuously since 1834. At this time rags & textiles were recycled to make paper; wood pulp was not used in papermaking until about 1910 meaning Livesey's enterprise did...
  6. Wastelandr

    Report - Millennium Mills, Silvertown - August 2021

    It's that time again folks. An age-old urbex classic still hanging on in there, with some brand new photography. Somehow, after first finding out about this gem back in 2012 at the start of my exploring days, its weirdly taken me a decade to actually get round to attempting it. I suppose not...
  7. Wastelandr

    Report - Various Warehouse Construction Sites, Essex 2019-2021

    Philosophy At first this post might seem a little bland, but bear with me as it gets better across the entries, and I hope to add to continue adding to it. Building sites may seem a bit of a soulless if not strange thing to explore for their own sake, but I actually think it helps to remind us...
  8. Katie Jaydee

    Report - Wangi Wani Power Station - Australia - October 2020

    Wangi Wangi Power Station - the biggest and most iconic explore in Australia History Wangi Power Station is a heritage-listed former coal-fired power station at Wangi Wangi, City of Lake Macquarie, New South Wales (Australia). The power station operated between 1956 and 1986 and supplied...
  9. DTFreedom

    Report - Ogre Heating Plant - Ogre, Latvia - October 2020

    Once upon a time during the year 1965, a big factory was built, at that time one of the largest buildings by footprint in the world. People moved from all across the country to work in this factory, but they needed a place to stay so Mālkalne was built - the first neighbourhood of what would...
  10. Mr_Nobody

    Report - Old unknown factory and warehouses. Essex/Suffolk boarder line September 20

    I found this old place in Brantham/Manningtree and I think it could be a chemical factory but I'm not too sure. The explore is pretty easy all things considered, everything is open and only a few of the rooms are blocked up from industrial junk. Although most of the rooms have multiple entrances...
  11. K

    General - Surrey

    Hey! Me and my friends (5 of us) have moved to Surrey from an undescloded location ;). And we have been previously doing urbex but we have no idea of any places to visit. We sadly cannot go very far due to some issues so we prefer to stay in surrey or Guildford area. If you have any cool...
  12. LostPlacesForgottenFaces

    Report - ThyssenKrupp Office Building & Industrial Site - Leeds - March 2020

    ThyssenKrupp Office Building & Industrial Site - Leeds, England - March 2020 HISTORY ThyssenKrupp Woodhead Ltd were the last occupants of an industrial site they used as a coil spring factory, located on Kirkstall Road in Leeds, very close to the viaduct. Before them it was Jonas Woodhead and...
  13. meganjenks

    Report - Penallta Colliery, South Wales - January 2020

    I've always loved exploring around this spot, purely because there's always something new to find whenever I go there. Outdoors, the winding wheels still exist and still turn (in the wind). You have to climb through a gap in the fence to get to these structures properly but a majority of the...