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  1. Urbex paradise

    Report - Mosney Holiday Centre (Ireland)

    History: Mosney Holiday Centre first opened in 1948 as a Butlin’s Holiday Centre, the first outside the UK, and operated as such until 1982 when the camp was sold, taking on the name Mosney from the 1983 season onwards. Located north of Dublin in County Meath, Mosney was popular with Irish...
  2. Sammil_31

    Report - St Senans Asylum, County Wexford - June 2019

    Hi there, my first thread so please don't judge too much. Been a huge fan of the site for years, and I've run my own photography page for a while but only now have I found a location worthy of posting. This asylum I've wanted to get at for years and I was lucky enough to get in. The Hospital...
  3. Terminal Decline

    Report - Castle MacGarret, Claremorris, Ireland - February 2019

    History Castle Macgarrett was in the possession of the Brownes family for over five centuries. They were of Norman decent and came to Ireland in the 12th century, before Geoffrey Browne married into the Prendergast family. The old house became unsafe, so Geoffrey and his wife, Mary Prendergast...
  4. Jamie221094

    Report - Tain holiday village

    Tain holiday village from what i found was the holiday park opened in 1993 and closed in 2007 there was fire in main building. Place was really easy go get into and was intresting to walk around, there were many other building. And would really like take other drive up to it. Climbing frames...
  5. EscapeUrbex

    Report - Tain Holiday Village, Ireland

    The Tain holiday village. It had everything you would want on a leisure site - Swimming pool, indoor adventure playgrounds, sports hall, bedrooms, bars, restaurants, classrooms until vandals got near it. The building itself is very run down and damaged but didn't stop the explore! There used to...
  6. Enda O Flaherty

    Disused School Houses in Ireland

    Hi all - This is my first post to the forum, so please excuse any lack of etiquette due to ignorance. For the past few years I've been photographing disused school houses in Ireland: I've compiled everything into a blog which may or may not be of interest to you. I guess I focus on rurex rather...