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leicester explorers

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  1. fireball

    Report - Old BSS HQ. Starlight De Venue. Leicester Abandoned Archives (May 2022)

    Hello fellow urbexers, If you don't already know, the old BSS HQ and the Starlight De Venue are in the process of being demolished. Following this our group decided to go pay 1 last visit these places before they are gone forever. Keep Safe and Don't get caught when going here (Security...
  2. W

    Needing locations

    Hi I'm from south Yorkshire and k am looking for locations that are accessible in leicester or between there and Doncaster as I have a trip to go pick something up from leicester and wanna kill two birds one stone. By getting a explore done on way back
  3. Xplorography

    Any explorers from Leicester?

    Im looking at taking a trip to Leicester soon to do some filming for my channel, anyone know any good places in or around Leicester, I've already got a few places planned.