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  1. JakeV50

    Dinting Railway Heritage Centre, High Peak : March 2023

    Dinting Engine Shed / Heritage Centre Another place ticked off on one of mine and @dansgas1000 little jolly outs. Not a huge amount to this one, but it does have some interesting history and is photogenic. Dinting Engine Shed is situated in the small village of Dinting on the Manchester...
  2. Boots432

    Report - Wolsingham rail depot - deep dive 2023

    While visiting a location close to here. I totally forgot about this place... After finding a way in and exploring the initial shed. A gap in a door was too tempting not to shimmy under. And upon exiting the shed a rabbit hole opened up, please enjoy a selection of pics that I took on my...
  3. dansgas1000

    Finnish State Railways VR Class Tr1 No. 1077 Steam Locomotive, Suffolk - February 2023

    Introduction I’ve had this one pinned for the best part of a year but for some reason, I just never got around to doing it until now. It’s certainly something a bit different, especially for East Anglia. Visited with @V50jake. Information & History Located at a business park a few miles from...
  4. JakeV50

    Report - Ashford Locomotive Works, April 2022

    Ashford Locomotive Works Constructed in 1847 by the South Eastern Railway Company, Ashford Locomotive Works was a replacement for a previous wagon works which was based in New Cross, London. The construction of the facility also included the building of nearly 150 homes to house the workers...
  5. ForgottenBuildings

    Report - Locomotive graveyard - Germany - Aug, 2020

    History: Located somewhere in a large forest lays this big train yard, which is full of historic locomotives. The trains here date all the way back to the second world war, back then these locomotives were built to serve the heavy loads of the war. It wasn't always war material though, a small...