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  1. P

    Video - WW2 RAF Krendi Base Underground Qrendi Malta

    Me and Angelo will explore the Royal Air Force Base / airfield , known as RAF Krendi Airfield, that housed its Operations, Administrative and Signals offices under ground during World War 2 situated in Qrendi Malta. The station was officially inaugurated in 1941 as a diversion airstrip for the...
  2. P

    Video - Mgarr Ix-Xini 1900 Pumping Station Underground Malta Gozo

    Today we are exploring an abandoned water pumping station in Mgarr Ix-Xini Gozo build in late 1800. For the underground part we could not find any pictures or videos apart from a very detailed study carried out by Mario Pace, with detailed history and plans of the structure. For his document...
  3. Dee ANK

    St. Patrick's Officers Married Quarters, Malta. Feb 2019

    Visited Malta for the first time earlier this year for a bit of winter sun, cycling & exploring. Plenty of old military sites to see in various stages of dereliction / restoration, from 17th century right up to 1970s. I didn't know anything about this site before noticing it, but read up about...