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  1. MK83

    Report - Tilstone House - Tarporley, Cheshire - March 2022

    This place has been doing the rounds recently and has been on here a few times but it looked pretty interesting with some decent features and some nice bits of decay so we went for a look. History - There isn't a lot of history on this place. Built in 1888 by Lord Daresbury as a hunting lodge...
  2. TheBackpackExplorer

    Report - WINSTANLEY HALL - WIGAN - SEPT 2021

    The History… Winstanley Hall is a Grade II listed house that was built in the 1560 for the Winstanley family - the building is one of only three Tudor buildings in the local borough. The Winstanleys owned the hall until 1596, when the estate was sold to James Bankes, a London goldsmith & banker...
  3. TheBackpackExplorer


    The History… Extwistle Hall is a Grade II listed Manor House & is on the English Heritage at risk register - The hall sits high on the moors of Briercliffe, Lancashire. The land was originally owned by Kirkstall Abbey & later sold to Robert Parker - the Parker family, a prominent family at that...
  4. ExplorerCouple101

    Report (Permission Visit) Crowhurst Manor House- January 2020

    Firstly, please note this was a permission visit- unable to visit without permission. This is because the site is still used. This location is set within Crowhurst. The upstairs of a wedding venue and pub has been left to decay and become a state of disrepair. Some history of the location. I...
  5. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Doctor's Manor House - October 2018

    History: The building, which is known as both 'Manor House' and 'Ivy Farm Manor', belonged to a notorious psychiatrist, Neil Silvester who authorised the release of Carol Barratt from psychiatric care in April 1991 even though she had threatened a young girl with a knife and tried to strangle a...
  6. Yoshimitsu93

    Report - Abandoned Farmhouse - Worcestershire - Feb 2020

    Still going through the various photos I have stored away on my laptop.. so I may as well make a post out of this location. @Narg1992 and myself stumbled across this building back in February while driving through Romsley! Although it was easily accessible at the time, workmen had already...
  7. RichPDG

    Report - Ravens Morrow - Virginia Water - December 2019

    Could't find much history on this one other than it's currently owned by a couple of Latvian men. As expected the tour bus was in full effect when I turned up having driven past 3 groups of 3 people in the private estate. The house is in a bad way being completely ridden with damp and a...
  8. RichPDG

    Report - Headley Court - Epsom - August 2019

    History: Headley Court was an Elizabethan farm house bought by the Cunliffe family, from Tyrrell's Wood, Leatherhead. They later sold this farm house and built in 1899 the imposing mansion at the centre of Headley Court to the north, namely under Lord Cunliffe, who was Chairman of the Bank of...
  9. rhiannx90

    Report - Horncliffe Mansion, Edenfield (my first explore!) 21-08-2019

    An historic Grade II listed mansion built by one of the region's richest industrialists. Originally built in 1869 by famous mill owner Henry Hardman, the iconic Horncliffe Mansion in Bury Road was previously home to a hotel, wedding venue and care home. Although access to the the inside of the...
  10. Cariad1313

    Report - Bodens Ride House, March 2019

    Bodens Ride House more photographs over on my Instagram. History As other reports have mentioned, there's not much history of this place online. Seems like it was a beloved family home that was left in a hurry. Although I found some information on another thread suggesting that the owner may...
  11. U

    Report - Cosgrove Manor - Buckinghamshire - 09/05/2019

    7th October 2016 via BBC News: A fire has gutted a Grade II-listed mansion in Northamptonshire. The fire service was called to the privately-owned Cosgrove Hall, near Milton Keynes, just before 14:30 BST. BBC reporter Stuart Ratcliffe, speaking at the scene, said: "Only the stone shell of the...
  12. C

    Oakland’s park Manor House -March ‘19

    Hi guys, I thought I’d make a report on my visit to Oakland’s park Manor House.. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!! There is a crazy neighbour. We walked through some land with horses on it and got to the other side. We heard a males voice ask what we are doing so we said what do you mean he got angry...
  13. Proxy23

    Report - Bricket Wood Leisure Centre - Herts - Jan 2019

    A kick start to 2019 with this fairly easy but highly satisfying explore. @WilsonTheHuman, @Carpathian and myself set off headed towards Herts and the swimming pool that has been repeatedly photographed by few aficionados of urbexing. The site lies in the middle of a huge park, alongside a...
  14. Brookeexplores

    Report - Cairndhu House/Hospital - Northern Ireland

    First of all I'd like to say Hi! This is my first post here, I've always been interested in Urbex and followed the site for a while. I moved to Northern Ireland three years ago and a few days ago I finally got to do a explore here... A little history on Cairndhu House... Cairndhu House was...