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  1. ALW Research Team

    Video Report - Nottingham's Mapperley Tunnel

    There are many railway tunnels in the city of Nottingham, they were largely built by three railway companies in the late 1800’s. These companies were the Great Northern, Great Central and the Nottingham Suburban railways. We visited Mapperley Tunnel, completed in 1875 and at 1044 meters or 1132...
  2. Calmc

    Report - Mapperly Tunnel - Nottinghamshire - June 2020

    So i went for a wander with a few friends the other day, took quite a while to locate due to all the building work surrounding it and being able to get to it unseen. We managed to get down to the huge pile at the second ventilation shaft, we decided to turn back there due to not really having...
  3. Tunnel Gricer

    Report - Mapperley Tunnel (February 2020)

    A fairly in-depth look at Mapperley Tunnel.. A brief history.. At 1,132 yards, the longest of the tunnels in the area by some distance penetrated a ridge to the north-west of Gedling, approached through a cutting 70 feet in depth which was crossed by a brick aqueduct. Mapperley Tunnel’s...