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  1. merryprankster

    Report - Surrey County Pauper Lunatic Asylum, Tooting - November 2019

    Had slayaa round for pizza last night and we were chatting about how long it had been since id done a report., then tonight was having a hard drive/sd card sort and found some pics from an explore me and the mrs went on with @The_Raw so thought fook it might aswell throw them up. I know its...
  2. LochlanMcIverPhotography

    Report - Rosslynlee Hospital, Roslin - Oct 2020

    Short wee visit to the hospital.
  3. Llama

    Report - St Martin's Hospital, Canterbury, Kent - March 2020

    Explored With @TheFerret and @Urbex_fox History: Opened in 1902, and known originally as Canterbury Borough Lunatic Asylum, the hospital was first built to accommodate 250 patients, a much smaller amount than other Asylums nearby. During the first world war, West Sussex County Asylum saw a...
  4. UrbexGem.

    Report - Ridge Lea Hospital, Lancaster - 2018-2020

    First of all I apologise that these aren’t in any particular order and poor quality (iPhone). I couldn’t find any posts on here with pictures from inside, so thought I’d post mine from several visits. There isn’t a lot documented about Ridge Lea, but it was a mental health unit/asylum close to...
  5. Exploring.With.KMK

    Report - St Margaret’s Hospital, Pheasey - April 2019

    Great Barr Colony (St Margaret’s Lunatic Asylum) We walked the estate that has a whole bunch of new build houses on it. It took us some time to find as we entered the estate and got lost, eventually being directed the right way. Not much still stands of the Lunatic Asylum (once known as the...
  6. eddsup

    Report - Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff - Jan 2019

    Apologies for yet another report on Whitchurch. This was my first time here and an amazing explore. This place is huge, the pictures do not do it justice or explain the scale of this place. Lots of reports recently from other people and older ones. I recommend looking at those also as it’s hard...
  7. clebby

    Report - Whitchurch Hospital (Cardiff City Asylum), Cardiff - 2016-2018

    Whitchurch Hospital, née the Cardiff City Asylum. Here's a picture I took on the sly so that the children playing bowls didn't think I was being a nonce. Ermmm, does no one who goes here bother taking a camera or something?? Not being funny but this is probably one of the best sites in the...