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  1. kvtie9

    Report - Mona Lisa house, Hampshire. June 2021

    I don’t have much information on this place, the owner who lived here was in the navy and died over 10 years ago. This place seems to be getting tour bused a lot at the moment! This place was so cramped and small, amazing place though. instagram @kvtie9
  2. Wastelandr

    Report - Cremyll Fuel Depot & Grenville Battery, Cornwall - July 2020

    Went down to Cornwall this summer not far from my old uni haunts to check out some derps. Great bits of history amongst an impressive coastal landscape. So here we've got a kind of 2-for-1, a surf n turf so to speak. Both a WW2 Royal Navy refuelling depot, and a Victorian Palmerston fort...
  3. oleo.21

    Report - HMS Ganges - Shotley Gate, Suffolk - Oct 2018

    Only my second report, but thought I'd do a couple reports of recent explores and do one on this place whilst I'm at it because this was definitely one of my favourite explores, possibly the best of 2018 for me. Visited with @Chloe Explores . HISTORY: HMS Ganges, also known as Shotley Training...