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Report - HMS Ganges - Shotley Gate, Suffolk - Oct 2018


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Only my second report, but thought I'd do a couple reports of recent explores and do one on this place whilst I'm at it because this was definitely one of my favourite explores, possibly the best of 2018 for me. Visited with @Chloe Explores .

HMS Ganges, also known as Shotley Training Establishment, was a training ship for the Royal Navy, and later a stone frigate. In 1865 she was established as a boys' training establishment, based from 1899 in Falmouth and then remaining in service at RNTE Shotley from 1905 until October 1976. In 1916, during the First World War, HMS Ganges was bombed by a German Zeppelin and in 1918 suffered an outbreak of diphtheria and influenza. During the Second World War, it was decided to close the boys' training centre and to move it to HMS St George in 1940, leaving HMS Ganges in service but as a centre for 'Hostilities Only New Entry Training'. HMS Ganges reopened post-war as a boys' training establishment again in October 1945. The married quarter estate was used by RAF personnel following the closure of HMS Ganges in 1976, with a large section of the former non-commissioned officer quarters then being acquired by The Welbeck Estate Group in 1999.

Arriving in the late morning on the bus in the quiet village of Shotley Gate, with little hope of actually being able to get inside, after hearing of recent plans to turn the site into housing. Our main aim was to at least find the swimming pool and then we'd be happy. We'd heard of gardeners being on site to flatten the vegetation, so we were expecting to be caught at some point. We managed to get on the site pretty easily and walked alongside the building until we came across our access. The building we got into was huge, with one room being bright pink. Natural decay had definitely taken over this place, with plants growing through the windows as well. We spent a long time in here taking photos, but on our way out, I spotted a hut out the window which was wide open, and I was certain it was shut when looking out the window earlier on. Not long after I saw a man walking in and out of it. Definitely wasn't security, he looked more suited to be a gardener, but we had heard they hadn't been particularly nice to people that have run into them whilst exploring, so we made our way out the building as quietly as we could whilst clambering over broken glass all of the floor. The aim now was to find the swimming pool. Not only did we pass other buildings (with no access), but we also passed a fair amount of parked cars, which I'm guessing belonged to the gardeners. Whilst walking through long grass, we saw a group of orange high vis men in the distance and they somehow didn't spot us as we dashed past them. Eventually, we found the swimming pool. It was pretty dark in there but it was definitely the biggest highlight of our day. After that, we headed out, and as far as we know, we weren't spotted at all.

This was a huge site and the explore involved a lot of dodging of gardeners, but it was definitely worth it. Here are some of my photos from HMS Ganges that I managed to dig up.
- Leo


Chloe Explores

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It was a great explore! I really loved it here! It remained one of my top locations because of the pool for quite some time! Nice thread with some lovely pictures! :thumb

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