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  1. M

    Anyone in or around Manchester...

    Fairly new to UE, looking for like minded people to explore with or get advice from. I know people can be secretive about locations which I can respect totally. Been to a few places so far though and it's been awesome
  2. Han1990

    Hana exploring Northwest UK

    Hi. I started exploring a few days ago and came across this site as well whilst searching for places to go. Mainly around cheshire and Stockport. Been to ivy house in northwich and Belmont care home in Cheadle so far. Both great finds would recommend
  3. Explorer budge

    Report - Camelot theme park Chorley June 2016

    This is a location that has been very popular over the years and been done to death,I’ve explore this location around 3 times myself but only once managed to evade security. history: camelot is an abandoned theme park located in the English county of lamcashire. The park's theme was the...
  4. Rawphotos

    New guy

    Hey I'm Anthony 37 . Full time Photographer .. looking to get out and explore the northwest. If any one knows any places in Chorley apart from Camelot please comment .. sorry for being a bit blunt didnt know what to write