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  1. James Thomas

    Hi from Manchester - Exploring the North West

    Hi all, Currently living in Manchester. Moved here just before the Pandemic and not yet explored the area yet. I'm originally from Northwich, Cheshire and dome a bit of exploring there many many years ago including Lostock Power Station and RAF Cranage. Looking forward to posting some...
  2. M

    Anyone in or around Manchester...

    Fairly new to UE, looking for like minded people to explore with or get advice from. I know people can be secretive about locations which I can respect totally. Been to a few places so far though and it's been awesome
  3. Mr Budge

    Report - Camelot theme park Chorley June 2016

    This is a location that has been very popular over the years and been done to death,I’ve explore this location around 3 times myself but only once managed to evade security. history: camelot is an abandoned theme park located in the English county of lamcashire. The park's theme was the...