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  1. Megerj

    Looking to explore with someone

    Hey - been looking at urban/urbex exploring for while. I’m a total newbie, I’m based in Manchester and can drive. anyone looking for a new partner ? Lol
  2. A

    Abandoned villa in Visegrád, Hungary

    This beautiful but abandoned villa rests on the Várkert fields of Visegrád in Hungary. The 125-year-old Latinovits Villa‘s site has a two-thousand-year-long history with a Roman settlement, orthodox-Christian monastery, gothic church, and children’s holiday resort during the communist era...
  3. TheBackpackExplorer


    The History… Extwistle Hall is a Grade II listed Manor House & is on the English Heritage at risk register - The hall sits high on the moors of Briercliffe, Lancashire. The land was originally owned by Kirkstall Abbey & later sold to Robert Parker - the Parker family, a prominent family at that...
  4. TheBackpackExplorer


    The History... By the River Douglas, Brock Mill first began operation in the mid-1700s & was purchased by the The Earl of Balcarres including the Foundry half a mile down stream. In 1815 due to poor business the blast furnaces were retired but the company found success in building Fire engines...
  5. TheBackpackExplorer


    The History The Cowling Mill Spinning Co Ltd., was registered in May 1905, building work began with the foundations being laid in September 1905. Work in constructing the mill continued night & day as a flag was hoisted to the top of the chimney at the beginning of May 1906. In August 1906 the...
  6. TheBackpackExplorer


    The History St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church has been derelict since the last mass took place in October 1995 - In 1877, the second designed rebuild was done by Mr. Goldie, of the firm of Messrs - Goldie & Child, London. Originally, The first service was held on 22nd January, 1871, in a small...
  7. G

    General - Strathmartine hospital

    Hello all. I have always been interested in old and delapated buildings and was delighted recently to introduce my 6 year old grandson to this pastime by taking him to Strathmartine hospital. I hope his interest prevails as it is great fun. Always happy for any ideas locations around the Dundee...
  8. R

    Lead or Rumour info - Help

    Any good locations in Yorkshire
  9. Reesree

    Report - Easington colliery school - Durham - 8/20

    Easington colliery school opened in the early 1900's and closed its doors in 1997. I visited here yesterday (8/20) I don't know too much on the history of this place other than it being a primary school but it's 20+ year abandoned, Got to be one of the most saturated soggy explores I've done...
  10. LashedLlama

    Report - Quarry Dean Firestone Mine, Merstham, Surrey - June 2020

    History: The Quarry Dean firestone mine in Merstham, Surrey, is just one of the many mines, stone quarries and underground workings that are scattered along the North Downs between East Kent and Surrey, and is also by far one of the oldest. This particular underground stone quarry dates back as...
  11. Joshrowlands

    Report - Calwich Abbey, Ellastone, June 2019

    The history (snippets taken from Wikipedia); Calwich Abbey, previously Calwich Priory, was a medieval Augustinian priory and two successive country houses built on a site near Ellastone, Staffordshire. It was founded in 1130 as a satellite of Kenilworth Priory and was dedicated to St Margaret...
  12. I_AM_NSA

    I_AM_NSA Urbexplorer

    Hey everyone I am NSA a Urbexplorer brand name team not just one person we love to explore the explored and unexplored to bring you awesome locations and footage .... Please Subscribe and turn on notifications on our YouTube ...