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  1. Citystrider

    Oxfordshire based - New Explorer

    From Oxfordshire but willing to travel to meet up with other members. Used to live in London for many years. I often visit Japan and wanted to start documenting. Looking as much advise as possible for equipment etc. Can only use public transport at present.
  2. cathmxo

    Carmel College - Oxfordshire - June 2018

    Carmel College was a predominantly Jewish co-educational boarding school in England operating between 1948 and 1997. It was first situated at Greenham Common near Newbury and then at Mongewell Park near Wallingford, Oxfordshire. It was one of Europe's only 2 Jewish boarding schools, the other...
  3. Faith Roswell

    Report - Pumping station(?) in Oxfordshire

    MORE OF A MINI-REPORT. I ended up here by accident- I was supposed to be at a quarry that got knocked down (I posted about it as "The One That Got Away") :) My friend saved the day by directing me to another abandoned site in Oxfordshire. It's completely hidden from the road and I wouldn't have...