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  1. dansgas1000

    Report - Holwell Pumping Station and Reservoir, Leicestershire - November 2022

    Introduction I first visited this place over a year ago with @V50jake however I did not have my camera at the time and I really liked the place, so I wanted to re-visit with the camera and get a report up on it. History & Information There are two pumping stations next to each other on the...
  2. dansgas1000

    Report - Jeld Wen Timber Yard, Suffolk - August 2022

    Introduction This is a local site that I’ve wanted to do for a few years so I thought now is the time, especially since hearing that security is now more relaxed. Please note this is a repost as the original report got deleted amid the forum issues/upgrades that occurred earlier this year...
  3. StePaintsalot

    Report - Under a mill that was a disappointment

    I found an area in radclife that I found suspicious so after a while of exploring the area I found this and after climbing in and crawling down I realised it was just an old pipe shaft but it was still fun to climb in and look around. Even found a newt which is probably why they haven’t started...