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    Report - Southend plane graveyard October 2020

    I have known of this site for a while, the larger of the 2 planes is a Hawker Siddelay 748 and seised operation in the late 50s and was decommissioned. Southend Air Port says that the planes do not belong to them and it has ties to Avro a British Aero division. The planes have been left there...
  2. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Martin B-26 Marauder - RAF Long Marsden - September 2018

    I was hoping to explore the rest of RAF Long Marsden but we ran into a few builders, we asked if it was okay for us to go and have a look at the Martin B-26 Marauder and they agreed as long as we stayed in sight. If anyone could tell me some information about this plane I would be very grateful...
  3. KPUrban_

    Report - Dassault Mystere 8-ND, Andrewsfield Areodrome, July 2020

    A Brief Intro This going to be a relatively short report since well. It's only a small thing, but the significance of it is somewhat interesting. I found myself one night after work aimlessly flying across google maps in search of something interesting, being that a place to check out or a...
  4. NottinghamUrbexNewbie

    Report - Long Marston Airfield-May 2019

    History; During the war years Long Marston Airfield became the home to hundreds of Royal Air Force servicemen who operated the RAF’s Group of Ferry Commands in 1941. The RAF also provided training flights and missions to Gibraltar and the Middle East before the mighty twin engine Wellington...
  5. Serenity4

    Report - Plane Graveyard, Lasham May 2018

    Plane Graveyard 2018 (Nigerian Government Plane) Our Visit: Living pretty close to this airfield we decided to head over and take a look at some abandoned aircraft. The airfield is still used so we didn't know how easy it would be to gain access or even get close. After finding our route in we...