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  1. urbex-travel

    Report - The Park Of Religious Minatures and Giant Pope, Częstochowa, Poland 2021

    We saw a lot of abandoned buildings, but we have never imagined collecting them in one place. In Częstochowa, the Polish city known from the religious cult, we found an amazing park of the religious miniatures. You can find there St Peter's Basilica near Gate Of Dawn, Catacombs and Mary's House...
  2. LostPlacesForgottenFaces

    Sanatorium Zdrowie - Gdynia, Poland, Nov 19

    Abandoned Sanatorium (Hotel Zdrowie), Gdynia, Poland History ️ What was once a thriving seaside spa hotel located in Gdynia, Poland, this building has been abandoned for over ten years. It was forced to close due to the cliff it had been built on becoming unstable and thererore unsafe. Now...
  3. yernbarr

    Report - Bieżanów Locomotive Depot (Graveyard), Kraków, Poland - September 2019

    History One of the largest train graveyards on the planet, the Bieżanów Locomotive Depot in Kraków, Poland is home to hundreds of Soviet-era trains that date back to the mid 1960's when the country was still part of the Warsaw Pact. The bulk of the abandoned stock comprises EU07 electric...