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  1. ForgottenBuildings

    Report - School Of Decay - Belgium - July 2019

    History: Somewhere in a small village in one of the former mining regions of Belgium, a new rather small monastery was created. Just a couple of years later though, the function of this monastery changed into a school. This went on without any changes into the 90s, this was also the time when...
  2. PerryGoesPlaces

    Video - Purford Green Primary School, Essex

    I know many people are not too keen about videos on here and prefer pictures but I do love to make videos when I am exploring because it captures my raw reaction of what I am seeing. Anyways here's a video I made on the Purford Green Primary School and it would be very much appreciated if you...
  3. PerryGoesPlaces


    History: I don't know too much history on this place but that it closed down in 2010 because they wanted to make a new modern school building, they built the new school literally next to the old one and just left the old school to decay. The Explore: I had heard about kids hanging out at the...