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    Lead or Rumour info - Rochester Underground Hospital

    I am interested in this underground hospital .. I can't find too much information on it and am unsure if A) it actually exists and B) if it's assessable. If it does exist am sure it won't take too long to figure out a way in (if it's possible). Does anyone have any information on it and whom...
  2. tobytron

    Question - Anyone ever been taken to court over Civil trespass?

    I am mostly unworried about being prosecuted for any explores i do as long as i don't "break or take"anything. This is echoed by almost every urbex resource i could find but my family, particularly my dad is concerned about possible legal ramifications. Anyone have any stories about police...
  3. A

    Clothing advice for a new explorer.

    Hi everyone! This question might be a bit weird but anyway. So i am really new to urban exploring. I have visited abandoned buildings a few times before but i am now really starting to get into the hobby. I have figured out most of the gear i need but i still wonder what kind of clothing i...
  4. F

    Question - Climbing in?

    Hey dudes, I am sure this question has been asked half a million times but I couldn't find it around. What are the legalities to climbing in to a building, so the bottom floor is totally sealed up however by floor two all the Windows have already been broken in and you could just climb...