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  1. MK83

    Report - RAF Calveley - Nantwich, Cheshire - September 2021

    History - RAF Calveley was planned as a night fighter base for the defence of the cities of the industrial North West, such as Manchester and Liverpool. It was to perform as a satellite to the day fighter base at Atcham (Shrewsbury) in the Ternhill Sector, but by the time the Airfield was...
  2. MK83

    Report - RAF Cranage - Byley, Cheshire - August 2021

    This was a small WW2 explore as we had a free morning and it's not to far from us. I'm fascinated by all thing WW2 so while there wasn't a massive amount to see what was left was interesting. History - The site at Cranage was chosen for use as a training station and aircraft maintenance unit...
  3. W

    Report - RAF Spadeadam abandoned plane, helicopter & more. 09.05.21 0600hrs

    Date: 09 May 2021 0600hrs. Just wanted to share my pictures of this as I haven’t seen many threads regarding this site. You can find out the history behind it pretty easy but not many photos - especially information around Russian Hide people tend to miss! So here are my pictures featuring my...
  4. S

    Report - RAF Church Fenton, Tadcaster - August 2020

    History RAF Church Fenton was a former RAF station located 4.3 miles south east of Tadcaster, near the village of Church Fenton. The station was opened in 1937 and during the Second World War was home to air defence aircraft, a role retained by the station until the 1960s when it became a...
  5. UrbexTreasure

    Report - RAF Wittering - Cambridgeshire - July 2018

    Not to get this confused with the VERY active part of RAF Wittering then its a great explore, just keeps giving. It was built in 1955 as a remote weapons store and during the cold war it even held nuclear bombs. I love the vibe this place gives off whether its a wet cold rainy day or a bright...
  6. UrbexTreasure

    Report - RAF Upwood - Ramsey - October 2018

    RAF Upwood (Night time) This was one of my first introductions to exploring abandoned places, I had previously seen it in the day light but me and my friend went on a spontaneous trip here at night time. This allows a different perspective of it and to get more of an eerie vibe. There was no...
  7. UrbexTreasure

    Report - RAF Upwood - Ramsey - August 2018

    RAF Upwood (Day time) I feel there is no need to go into the history of RAF Upwood as it is so well known. It is currently being torn down which is a shame because it had such a large impact when I first explored it and really made me get into urbexing so it will always have a special place in...
  8. UrbexTreasure

    Report - RAF Grafton Underwood - Northamptonshire - November 2019

    The airfield at Grafton Underwood was opened in 1941 In the 1945 film The Way To The Stars, footage of B-17 Flying Fortresses from the 384th landing and taking off in April and May 1945 was filmed at RAF Grafton Underwood After being decommissioned the air field was used to house military...
  9. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Martin B-26 Marauder - RAF Long Marsden - September 2018

    I was hoping to explore the rest of RAF Long Marsden but we ran into a few builders, we asked if it was okay for us to go and have a look at the Martin B-26 Marauder and they agreed as long as we stayed in sight. If anyone could tell me some information about this plane I would be very grateful...
  10. UrbexTreasure

    Report - RAF Newton and International Police and Search Dog Training Centre - November 2018

    History: RAF Newton is a former Royal Air Force station located 7 miles east of Nottingham and was built in 1939. It was used briefly as a bomber base for squadrons to re-equip after the Battle of France and then as a flying training school during the Second World War and beyond until 2000 when...
  11. UrbexTreasure

    Report - RAF Thurleigh Airfield - Bedfordshire - October 2018

    Explore: Finding a spot to park was harder then gaining access to the abandoned RAF Thurleigh base, there are active parts attached at the edge however you can entre discretely and unnoticed. The main runway is used as storage for 15,000 unsold/unwanted cars and many of these have been sat...
  12. Alexia3

    Report - RAF West Raynham September 2020

    This was my first night time explore. Do I have to name the base? I'm hoping not because I want to return at some point. Okay have altered the report title, as suggested. Thanks for the input folks. I know this is a famous abandoned anyway. Raynham was built in 1939 and used up until 1994 by...
  13. Toriii

    Report - Predannack airfield 25/07/2020

    I know this has been done a million times, but it’s the first time I’ve personally visited the airfield. It was so great to see some of the aircraft up close again! I was brought up in a military family so I was very use to being in and around air craft from a young age. My father even used to...
  14. CraigDryCider18

    General - Long Marston Airfield 27/11/19

    27th November 2019 I went with my brother and a friend to Long Marston Airfield near Stratford Upon Avon, a RAF base that was in use between 1941 and 1954. A great explore since it has been my first one in a while. Easy to get in to at the entrance there was a metal fence we walked around then a...
  15. dansgas1000

    Report - RAF Upwood, Cambridgeshire - July 2019

    Hi all, this is my first report on forum, so any constructive critisism would be greatly appreciated! RAF Upwood was a non-flying RAF base that opened in 1917 and was in use for two years until 1919, and then again from 1936-2012. Since closing, the site has been used for airsoft by a company...