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  1. Wastelandr

    Report - RAE Bedford 8x8 Control Rooms - August 2023

    So I was meant to do a post on this a few weeks ago but I ended up off in Germany exploring some incredibly cool stuff for a week (probably to emerge from the backlog in half a years time). I seem to have started off a bit of a Bedford craze this summer with my 3x3 post, and whilst it's been...
  2. UrbexTreasure

    Report - RAF Thurleigh Airfield - Bedfordshire - October 2018

    Explore: Finding a spot to park was harder then gaining access to the abandoned RAF Thurleigh base, there are active parts attached at the edge however you can entre discretely and unnoticed. The main runway is used as storage for 15,000 unsold/unwanted cars and many of these have been sat...