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    Report (Permission Visit) Research NOT ABANDONED #Southend

    One from earlier this year.. NOT ABANDONED !! #HISTORYRESEARCH I wanted to find or find evidence of tunnels in Southend on Sea.. We already know that there are some repurposed cold war shelters and also that the EKCO Radio/Plastics site "had" extensive tunnels.. and other local tunnels are...
  2. VDUBJack

    Report - Research Station Fenhurst AUG 2020

    Hey peeps, So I think this is the most amazing place I have been too so far ( not much cool stuff to look at inside ) the whole premises is really cool you get this apocalyptic vibe as soon as you walk into the over grown car park this place is really spacious and quite peaceful makes for a...
  3. W

    General - Learherhead food research

    Hi guys so I’ve seen the threads about the Leatherhead food research place and had t go see for myself. I realise this has previously been posted so will have all the history on those posts. This place is now fully boarded up and all fenced off, felt a little wary to hop the fence as there were...
  4. Serenity4

    Report - Food Research Facility Surrey-July 2018

    Food Research Facility Our Visit: After a long evening of searching for sites to visit online we eventually found this place, so decided to head over the following morning and take a look. We didn't know what to expect or if we could even gain access. The building is well secured so it took us...