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  1. MK83

    Information - Restoration of an ROC post

    A few weeks ago we posted a couple of shots of Brindle ROC post after bumping into a nice chap from a group currently restoring the post. The progress they have made so far is impressive. We've since joined the restoration group and started volunteering a few hours a week to help bring it back...
  2. MK83

    Report - Brymbo ROC post - Brymbo, Wrexham - Jan uary 24

    Located on a low mound 20 yards north of Brymbo road. This post is in pretty decent condition with quite a few bits left to see although it has deteriorated since the original post on here. It still has the table, shelf and cupboard, the battery box and a few charts and other bits and pieces...
  3. MK83

    Report (Permission Visit) Brindle ROC post - Brindle, Chorley - February 2024

    Brindle ROC was a master post in a cluster with Atherton and Turton and part of the Preston 21 group. We drove past and noticed the hatch was open so went to have a look what state it was in and as a complete stroke of luck it turns out its in the process of being restored and the bloke...
  4. Boots432

    Report - Great Whittington roc post- Northumberland

    Was up here visiting mootlaw quarry when I drove past a funny looking mound. To my delight it was an roc post in cracking condition too.
  5. E

    Report - ROC Weston-on-Trent, Staffordshire

    Hi guys, First post here, so be gentle! I was hoping to get in to this one today, but we were unfortunately too late. The hatch has been sealed with concrete. It's not brand new concrete, but it looks like it's been sealed for good year or so. Apart from that the exterior is still in good...

    Report - Hadleigh ROC Post (Suffolk) - Demolished - Remains - Feb 2018

    Many People who love Urbex or History like this often have the Blessing of an ROC Post near where they live, as originally they were around every 10 miles apart. However a large majority of Nuclear monitoring Posts being demolished, many do not know what or where their nearest sight is. I have...