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Report - Hadleigh ROC Post (Suffolk) - Demolished - Remains - Feb 2018


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Many People who love Urbex or History like this often have the Blessing of an ROC Post near where they live, as originally they were around every 10 miles apart. However a large majority of Nuclear monitoring Posts being demolished, many do not know what or where their nearest sight is. I have taken it upon myself to attempt to Document Demolished Posts, like this one in Hadleigh.

The post was situated on the west side of a rather pointless lane at the back of Hadleigh, we were told that next to the lane was a large area of forest, so the quietness of the area while still being easy to access with the road and such. It according to SubBrit opened in April 1961 & Closed in September 1991. The post was Demolished due to a housing estate being put right next to it. However, had the post remained, it would not have affected the Housing estate at all seeing as the patch of land it once stood upon according to locals is just a overgrown patch of bushes next to the Lane! It seems a big shame as it didn't need to be Demolished. -THE PICS...


So this is the lane where it was situated, on the left. Notice the line of telegraph poles on the right. One can assume one was used to feed into another pole that used to be situated on the other side of the Road, either that or one of them would have been used. The Gap between the Gardens of the Houses seen and the Road is Definitely big enough for the post to be left alone.

We spent a while digging around this spot to allow for some clearer pictures, to expose the concrete. So as you can see all that seems to remain is a lump of dirt and bits of Concrete, Whether this was from demolishing the surface structures or the Monitoring room we don't know. It's always nice to think there is a bunker still lying underground, even if access is near impossible.

A Telegraph Pole near the site.

A while back I decided to put a cheaply made sign post to mark the spot. I still managed to find it lurking in the undergrowth and put it in position. I hope to make a better quality one some day.

Further along the Lane close to the school field I found These slabs. Possibly to do with the Site? And if so Scaffolding for the building process? Remains of an Observation Post?

This is an old Photo I found off Flickr, (I DO NOT OWN THIS) of apparently the WW2 Observer Corps Post in Hadleigh, also situated up Frog Hall Lane, but apparently at a slightly different spot.

A section of a 1960's map of Hadleigh, the post, the smaller rectangle I believe the Hatch and the larger some form of Observation building, Possibly an Orlit or even the Previously shown WW2 Post. Along with a gap in the side of the Road for parking, as you obviously need to make sure you park correctly park at a time of a Nuclear explosion! :thumb
Here is the same site, a recent google maps satellite image. Below-

This is exactly where I found that concrete filled 'lump'. So it is confirmed that those remains are indeed off of something ROC!

This is my first report, hope you enjoyed!

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