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  1. lcmd

    Report - Milner Fields/Sir Titus Salt Jr's House, Saltaire - April 2022

    The Titus Salt House was built in 1873 by Titus Salt Jr., three years before the death of his Father, Sir Titus Salt, who founded the local town of Saltaire - a world heritage site as one of the last fully maintained Victorian Village, which was in turn built to house the workers of the mill (at...
  2. U

    Report - Forest ruins - Bearley July 2020

    So I'd like to say this is my first report, but I'm not even sure if this qualifies as a report. For about 2 weeks I've been scouring google maps around my area (very rural) and researching plenty, today I hit my first find. Unfortunately, the lead I got has come with no history at all and I...
  3. HRed180

    Report - Roche rock-Cornwall Chapel - July 2020

    Hello there, the other day we visited Roche Rock in Cornwall. It’s not too far from St Austell, a place full of quarries I may have to visit while I’m down here;). Anyway, Roche Rock is a chapel on top on a giant rock that became the home to a group of holy men wanting to banish demonic forces...
  4. BakesFinds

    Abandoned Farm with outbuildings Desborough

    Bored on Sunday though I would go for a walk and check out the farm as hadn't been for about a year. The original part of the farm has some age as on the farm house it has 1865 on the building, the out buildings are newer probably used for animals or plant nursery. Never been able to find out...